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The Coast Ridge Retreat was just what I had been looking for forever!
...Where nature is at the core of the transformative journey [the retreat] feels like the purest expression of what a Western spa should be: a splurge-on-yourself experience in which clean food, fresh air, and challenging physical activity works wonders on your psyche (not to mention your waistline).” ~Irene Edwards for Sunset Magazine

"The Coast Ridge Retreat was just what I have been looking for forever! To hike these magical redwoods in Marin and to be hiking on the edge of cliffs looking down to the Pacific Ocean walking to the Golden Gate Bridge!!! Yoga Twice a day... all the meals were so unique and tasted as beautiful as it was presented. The chef Claudine even gave us a cooking class on last night!! The Staff will melt your Heart. They are so genuine and inspiring!! The retreat is a Bootcamp and definitely kicked my Butt!!! I feel stronger physically and mentally From my Reboot!!! And can't wait for my Return!!!!"

Mary Beth Blansett | 

"Like many men, I have gained weight since college, going from about 180 lbs then to about 200 lbs 25 years later. With an intense work schedule, my weight peaked at almost 210 lbs when attended The Coast Ridge in June 2017. Not only was the retreat beautiful and lots of fun, but I learned that I can be happy eating less food than I am used to. I do miss the ice cream a bit but at 184 lbs this morning (in November 2017), and with all of my clothes fitting comfortably again, attending TCR was a great decision and turned out to be the exact catalyst I needed to make a long-overdue change."

Jan B. I  Southern California

"The entire concept of a wellness retreat that I was about to embark upon was was hard for me to grasp. I was nervous. I had never participated in anything like this. Unplugging from daily life seemed a bit intimidating for a guy like me, and then, surrounding myself with strangers in a foreign place didn't sound like it added up to the ideal "wellness retreat".  I couldn't have been more surprised and wrong about in my initial thought.  

The program and people that work and run it have filled the hours and days with an amazing experience from start to finish and beyond. Whether it was my first hike through the enchanting Muir Woods, or along the Pacific Coast, or trails circling Mount Tamalpais, I was constantly being pushed physically but always in awe of my surroundings, helping to distract the mind from the body.   In the morning and evening, I really enjoyed variations in styles of yoga and the instructors personal practice and touch that kept things fresh.  The massages and the swims in the heated pool brought my weary legs back from the brink of exhaustion, a reward at the end of each day which was a luxury.  I always looked forward to the meals.  The meals were exceptional and special, and brought to life ingredients and combinations I couldn't have imagined. The best part was bringing these fresh ideas back to my family and incorporating them into our daily life at home.

I left the program and noticed a distinguished difference in my energy levels, but also my clarity of thought. A fog was lifted. I will return soon and reference the experience daily, reminding me to remain balanced in my life as well as aware of my own self."

Matthew | New Orleans, LA  

The daily agenda at the Coast Ridge is regimented, challenging, and nurturing all at once. “
~Leilani Marie Labong

"The four days I spent at The Coast Ridge were some of the most important I can recall. Excited for a break, I expected to enjoy the hiking, massages, and escape from the stress of daily life. I expected sore muscles, deep breathing, and beautiful vistas. What I did not anticipate was how deeply healed I was by the experience. I came away from my four days at The Coast Ridge truly nourished in mind, body, and soul. The trails are breathtaking, both in their beauty and steep inclines. The yoga is restorative and energizing. The food is clean, satisfying and a reminder of why we eat and how good we can feel when we fuel ourselves with real, whole food. But most importantly, the guides are incredible human beings who embody living a life of purpose. Their passion for physical health and emotional wellness is infectious. From the moment I arrived I felt nurtured, both by the peaceful surroundings and the calm energy of the people I was surrounded by. Although no longer on the trails, I carry the inspiration of The Coast Ridge with me everywhere I go."

Shannon | Alamo, CA

"First things first: I am not a hiker. Or rather, I was not a hiker until I came to the Coast Ridge. The furthest I had hiked was about 4 miles and I complained the entire way. That isn’t to say I don’t love walking and being in nature, but I have never been one to enjoy pushing my physical limits. The Coast Ridge changed all of that. And before I even get into the health benefits I want to acknowledge the value of knowing what I am capable of. I hiked twice as far as I have ever hiked and that was just in one day! And yes, I lost an inch off my waist, and yes I feel fantastic and have more energy than a teenager, but more than anything I am grateful for the reminder that I am capable of far more than I was giving myself credit for.

The team at the Coast Ridge is incredibly supportive and caring and create the perfect environment for you to push yourself.  It was an incredible opportunity to recenter and refocus on my mental and physical health. I kept thinking to myself that I have never felt so pampered in my life. The massages are great and there were so many thoughtful details sprinkled throughout out the entire experience. 

The food is super tasty and much more filling than I expected! I don’t normally eat a vegan or vegetarian diet so I was very interested to learn alternative ways to build meals that give us exactly what our bodies need to thrive.  

The morning yoga classes are great for stretching and warming up to get ready for hiking and the night time yoga classes were restorative and relaxing and get you ready for great deep sleep. 

The house and the grounds that surround it were idyllic. There was a beautiful reflecting pond and garden. And our room was lovely and cozy, and we could hear the ocean at night!

I am so grateful that I was able to have such a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to go back!" 

Rachel R. | San Francisco, CA

"...As for the food; I have opened up a world that I did not know.  I’ve never eaten so well and more than half the ingredients were new.  It has been an experience in this regard.  Although living far away (Mallorca, Spain), I think it was worthwhile to and come and try it.  I’ll keep in my memory for many years, I’m sure.  Thanks The Coast Ridge."

Catalina Muti | Mallorca, Spain

"...We hiked every day through some beautiful redwood forests, along babbling brooks through fern-covered ravines, across mossy bridges and past postcard-perfect waterfalls. ...I met some amazing people who have made health and wellness a priority in their lives and am still feeling the positive effects of the retreat. ...This place would be fun for a girls' or couples' getaway... I will definitely return." 

Karen | 

"This retreat is absolutely transformational. I went in not knowing what to expect and after only 4 days I left feeling clean, light and rejuvenated in body, mind and spirit....I'm still feeling the positive effects- 3 months later. Highly recommended!!! ”

Sonia L. | 

"...Upon arriving home from The Coast Ridge, everyone I see, the first thing they say is.."You look fantastic!" or "you look so relaxed.." So thank you!!! As was the case last year--I feel fantastic having spent a few days out in nature, under the sky, smelling the trees and the flowers, opening my eyes to the sky, and nourishing my body and soul with perfect food and challenging hikes.
I loved every moment."
xo Julia Phalen | Malibu


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