Our program is designed to reboot your metabolism, refresh and recharge the body and mind and reconnect you with nature.  All of this while giving the stamina and know how to keep the benefits flowing.  Caution! You may experience one or more of the following...

  • reconnection with nature, mind and body

  • increase in muscle tone

  • beneficial impact on mood

  • shed unwanted lbs.

  • increased sense of awareness

  • rejuvenation of self

  • clarity + transformation

  • food understanding – reshaping daily habits

  • lowering LDL and raising HDL

  • insight into how to sustain a healthy lifestyle

  • sense of awe for what your body can do

Studies have shown that in addition to these physical benefits, hiking increases attention span and improves creative problem solving skills.  So, while working it out under the big blue sky, winding up and down coastal trails, you may just find yourself closer to your goals! Take 4 days to clean your body and mind, jumpstarting your metabolism in a healthy, sustainable, transformative way and begin shedding unwanted lbs.

We host a wide range of guests; those with daily lifestyle habits without exercise to triathletes.  

This is not a recovery program from drugs or alcohol.  If you are recovering from a medical emergency, please let us know