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Yarrow Schley


The Coast Ridge co-founder Yarrow Schley with surfboard.

Yarrow has spent his life teaching about the restorative powers of nature. Born in the Eastern Sierras of California, he spent his childhood summers in the backcountry with his family. These extended stays in the mountains planted the seed for his lifelong respect for nature’s inspiring and healing forces.  Moving to Santa Fe, NM as a youth, he was exposed to spiritual and yogic teachings, eventually meeting the mentor who would introduce him to Brazil. There he co-founded OPA (Organizacion de Permacultura y Arte), an NGO working with youth and ecological sustainability rooted in the philosophy of Permaculture. During his ten years in Brazil, Yarrow organized many group excursions throughout the country, taught courses, fundraised, and established two community centers, one in the urban center of Salvador, Bahia and another in the nearby village of Diogo. These programs continue to serve their communities by providing education in land preservation and sustainable living.

Returning to his birthplace of California, Yarrow began working at The Ashram, one of the most renowned and exclusive health and wellness boot camps in the US.   Over the past six years he has further honed his skills, coaching groups and individuals through their health and wellness transformations.  Guided by his passion for movement exploration through yoga, rock climbing, hiking, surfing and Capoeira, Yarrow continues to be inspired by the abilities of the body and mind to reconnect in order to find focus, balance and clarity through nature and motion.  Yarrow, along with his wife Angela, created The Coast Ridge as a place for the rediscovery of healthier life choices, reconnection to nature, and care-taking for the self. We must truly know our bodies and our surroundings in order to care for them.




The Coast Ridge co-founder Angela taking a selfie.

Angela loves the outdoors.  While pregnant with her son Koa Eagle, she hiked her way through Spain, the Swiss Alps, the Sierra Nevadas and the Coastal Trails of the Bay Area. She has a degree in Geographical Science from UC Santa Barbara and Cert of Interior Architecture and Design from UC Berkeley X.  When she's not hiking or training, her other passions include designing unique spaces and scouring markets around the world for clients.   As coordinator for The Coast Ridge, she is here to learn about your fitness goals, answer questions and schedule your adventure.  

High quality, local ingredients shape our menus.
We work with a wide array of local organic farms and businesses, working with a team of people dedicated to improving health and well being of people + planet

Yoga + Exercise


Yoga and exercise classes are key elements of our program.  Yoga is incorporated into every session to help focus energy and encourage healthy breathing on the trail.  Our exercise classes are focused on upper body and core strength to help lengthen and tone. 

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Derek Bloom-Johnson is a life-long athlete and surfer from the Central Coast of California. He has been a strength and conditioning coach for 15 years, surfing for 33 and combines his experience as a military veteran and education in journalism to arrive at an inquisitive and common sense approach to health and fitness.  Inspiring the local community through their Yoga Beach Studio, Derek and his wife Emerald along with their daughter Violet, two dogs Cassie + Lily and a cat named voodoo reside at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California.


It is does not mean to be in a place, where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. 


Let our healing hands relax your tired body.

Our professionally trained therapists are here to treat you with a massage each full day of your stay to relax and rejuvenate. Overall well being is our hope for you! 

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